• Vimuktha Federation


  • Who We are?
    Self Help Groups by enhancing their activities have further developed into Cluster Level Federations and Block Level Federation

    Native Medicare Charitable Trust, an NGO based at Coimbatore undertook a project from 2004 –2007 with the support of Karl Kuebel Stiftung, Germany for the rehabilitation of child labourers among the migrants and slum dwellers in Coimbatore. The project under took activities such as identication of child laboursers, conducting special schools, bridge course centres, vocational training centres for these child labours and mainstreamed them in regular government schools.

    In order to make good the loss of income earned by the children, the parents of the migrant children , dropouts in the slum area have been provideded with income generation assistances after forming self help groups,providing them skill, capacity and EDP Training. Thus the, vimuktha federation is emerged out of the KKS project after active participation of the self help groups, formed in may 2007 and Registered as a Trust in September 2007.

    A revolving fund had been set up during the project which provided credit to the SHG members, the loans were repaid into the RF. The responsibility of managing the RF was handed over to the Federation at the close of the project in 2007. The Federation functions from a small office set up in the premises of NMCT, however they are independently managed by their own board of trustees. The Federation has its own byelaws and is governed by the Trust Deed.

    organogram Vimuktha
  • Vision

    Sustainable development among the women living in the working area of the federation


    Capacity building, Skill Training, EDP Training, Social Empowerment & Income Generation Programes to achieve the social economic development.

    Aim of the Trust

    To create Community based Organizations including a financial institution owned and managed by the people to address their own developmental needs and issues by involving grass root level savings and credit groups through a continuous process of mutual trust, support, interaction and responsibilities sharing which facilitate capability building among themselves.

  • Vimuktha Trustees Details

    Name Designation
    Mrs.V.Nagarathnam President
    Mrs.P.Ramlathnisha Vice President
    Mrs.R.Thilagarajeswari Treasurer
    Mrs.R.Jothimani Secretary
    Mrs.S.Saroja Joint Secretary
    Mrs.M.Vasantha Board Member
    Mrs.K.Thowlathbeevi Board Member
    Mrs.M.Baby Board Member
    Mrs.N.Pushpalatha Board Member
    Mrs.T.Jayaprabha Board Member
    Mr.C.Duraiswamy Board Member
    Mr.R.Lakshmanaswamy Board Member
    Mr. A.S.Sankaranarayanan Managing Trustee