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Project Vimuktha Federation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

Vimuktha Federation motivates and encourages pedagogic development of a child. It also believes that “Right Education at Right time” would empower the life of the migrants and slum dwellers. It brings hope in their lives by creating a good learning ambience, improving opportunity for higher education, awareness and generous support for skill development.
The federation also identifies child labourers and school dropouts, helps them by giving vocational training, conducting special programmes, and mainstreaming their focus towards education. The trust firmly believes proper education to the migrants would help them to improve their personal and professional development aspects.
Its primary focus is towards Child’s Education, especially the dropouts, Child labourers and the child from low income family. It provides Children’s Forum & savings, Bank loans and scholarship support from various trusts, Skill training and also help the children to bring their talents through children’s day celebrations, get together and awards like “Best student award”. The trust insists the importance of Learning and equip with good learning ambience for the streamlined education throughout their life. The SHGs support children to form children clubs, where girls and boys can improve their skills in drawing and dancing.

- Children’s Forum & Savings

- Main stream follow up

- Linkage with Bank Loan for Education Loan

- Children Skill Training

- Children day celebration

- Educational support

- Linkage with Network

- Children's get together

- Best Student Award

- Career Guide Training

- Motivation Training