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“Earning of Livelihood by following some Income Generation Program is better than living on charity”

Food, Shelter, Amenities and employment are more essential for living, but, it is considered as problem indicators in the life of many people. To overcome the huddles, the Vimuktha Federation provides constructive skill training and activities to structure their livelihood. The activities also help them to function autonomously, self-sufficient and cater to their own needs. The federation provides Income Generation Assistance through Self-Help Groups (SHG), Employability Skill development, capacity building and EDP Training.
The federation strives to improve the socio-economic status of the migrants and slum dwellers through revolving fund that provides revolving fund to SHG members. NMCT started to form women Self Help Groups with 10 to 12 members. The women joining the groups had a poor, low literacy and low caste background. The idea behind was that children who earn 500 Rs a month working in the brick kilns can go to school again when their mothers can compensate this loss of income. For that reason women participating in SHG's were given micro finance assistance to start part time IGP (Income Generation Program) - activities. Thus NMCT staff members motivate them to send their children to school. The approaches help to gain sustainable growth in their livelihood.
The Strategies of the Vimuktha federation brings positive impact and improves the life of the families working in brick kliins in terms of skill development, widening of income, knowledge in accessing the financial service of Government, increase their savings, economic status and empowerment.
Thirdly, it focuses on the comprehensive economic upgradation of the people especially women , through EDP training and several skill development programmes. In order to be able to start a successful business they attend special EDP-trainings. During the workshops they receive knowledge about business techniques like business opportunity identification, Promotion of business etc. In addition to that they learn different methods how to sell properly and analyze the market. With various training methods like brainstorming, group discussions and simulating games they realized the importance of regular savings and were taught in connecting a group meeting and managing a bank account.