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Social Activities

Social Activities

Project Vimuktha Federation

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

India has one of the highest maternal mortality rates of the world. As the number of crimes against women increased in the last years, fear of violence is an important reason which forces women to stay at home. Especially in rural areas women involved in agriculture sector, where these women are mostly unskilled, doing hard farm work. One of the most significant role of vimuktha towards their lives is the improvement of their position in society.
The members in Vimuktha involve in various social activities like fighting for child rights women rights that brings recognition and respect in society. Social programs like medical camps, blood donation and HIV awareness camps are organized by the social action committee.
In addition the Nationalized banks namely Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank and Federal bank sought the help of the Vimuktha Federation to convince women to save and utilize the bank services. These improvements in their daily life make the women proud, more self-confident and encourage them in their activities.
It also involves in adivasi development programme wherein around 2000 tribal families in Velliangadu and tholampalayam are benefitted.

- Obtained land pattas for 86 poor families

- Support for getting Community certificate for 180 families

- Supported for Financial assistance from government to 152 pregnant ladies

- Supported for Obtaining Ration cards for 195 members

- Representing grievances in Grama shaba (Panchayat raj institutions)